Teams from Cambridge and Oxford universities

Teams from Cambridge and Oxford universities take part in crypto-trading competition

15 teams from Oxford and Cambridge are competing against each other to find the best algorithmic trading strategy.

More than a dozen teams from the mathematics and computer science faculties of the two renowned universities of Oxford and Cambridge are competing against each other in a contest to see who can develop the best trading algorithm on Cryptosoft and the two crypto trading platforms Coinbase Pro and FTX.

According to an announcement made on 25 November, the 15 participating teams will be judged on the basis of their trading strategies, the technical design of their algorithms and their overall profit. The competition was launched on 16 November and will run until 16 December.

LMAX Digital are participating

The trading strategies used by the teams include arbitrage, forecasts based on machine learning and neural networks, and trend investments based on time forecasts.

The analysis company APEX:E3 is the main sponsor of the competition, providing participants with access to its own API, advice, technical support and, to a limited extent, financial resources. However, only the winning team is allowed to keep the starting capital and the profits made for themselves.

The crypto exchanges Coinbase, FTX, SIX Digital Exchange and LMAX Digital are participating in the competition as co-sponsors, with Ethereum developer ConsenSys also taking part.

Quentin Stafford-Fraser from the Faculty of Computer Science at Cambridge University calls the competition a risk-free opportunity for students to try out their trading algorithms in real markets:

“APEX:E3 allows students to learn about the trading industry in a fun and risk-free way, using their creativity and expertise to try their hand at algorithmic trading”.

Usman Khan, Managing Director of APEX:E3, has already indicated that the competition will become an annual event. More universities are expected to join in 2021.